Microsoft Dynamics 365 - The path to your
digital transformation.

What is Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the latest generation of business apps based on Microsoft Cloud Solutions such as Dynamics 365 (ERP & CRM), Office 365, Power BI and Azure services. It’s an intelligent business solution which can help you in the digital transformation of your company, by giving you the opportunity for growth, further development and positive transformation of the company’s business processes.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is not just a new release of a product, but it sets a new standard for simplicity and user experience by bringing innovations that make Microsoft Dynamics 365 powered with data and intelligence. With it the companies are optimally prepared to answer to the changing expectations of their stakeholders, offering a total solution. Dynamics 365 is available in the Cloud for organizations, for using modules, based on different processes and roles, by using what they require, when they require it.


Microsoft has created Dynamics 365 as a business solution that unifies CRM and ERP capabilities that work seamlessly together across Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Retail, Talent, Marketing, Project Service Automation and Finance and Operations. Combining CRM and ERP offers a complete overview of customer real-time status and behavior, from transaction to engagement. The applications are designed in such way that they are deployed easily and independently.

The following industry applications are consisted in the 365 package, which can be smoothly incorporated
with your current frameworks:


Start with what you need

The companies can choose from modular applications that are designed for specific processes and roles which are suiting their business needs, and simply pay for the required. In case of growing business requirements they can extend the usage of Dynamics 365 applications.

Optimize productivity

Dynamics 365 is integrated with Office 365 and Linkedin data in a way where productivity is increased with the use of structured workflows while working in teams.

Infuse intelligence

The data technologies Power BI – the most widely deployed business intelligence tool, Cortana Intelligencean AI that creates predictive models and foresees behavior, and Azure Machine Learning are integrated in Dynamics 365 to help the companies achieve their goals with insights, advices and actionable steps based on IoT data.

Adapt to change

The modular applications can be easily tailored, modified and extended with little or no code development knowledge in order the companies to meet their specific business requirements.

Dynamics 365 Benefits

Engage Customers

with personalized buyer experiences across all purchasing points from consideration to purchase.

Empower Employees

with familiar tools and actionable insight so they can work more effectively.

Optimize Operations

with more intelligent processes and predictive guidance.

Transform Products

innovate new business models, automate processes, and shift from being reactive to proactive.

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