Secure your business
and protect your
employees and data
from cyberthreats.

Microsoft Security

Microsoft offers a unique approach that empowers security professionals with both cloud native SIEM and XDR tools from a single vendor. This brings a new level of integration that gives defenders the best of both worlds: end-to-end visibility across all of their resources and intelligent alerts built with a deep understanding of individual resources, enhanced with human and machine intelligence.

Overall better visibility, supported by AI and automation capabilities, makes it easier to identify vulnerabilities and quickly weaken threats to reduce risk. Strong, seamless, end-to-end security will also provide a better experience for the workforce. Microsoft has created a suite of tools and services that will help protect your organization against cyber threats with the help of built-in automation and intelligence. It all combines the best-of-breed capabilities with end-to-end integration to provide strong security while enabling your employees to remain productive.

How can Microsoft Security help you?

Manage and secure identities on a universal platform
  • Secure adaptive access
  • Seamless user experience
  • Unified identity management
  • Simplified identity governance
Stop attacks with integrated and automated security
  • Integrated, comprehensive security
  • AI and automation
  • Leverage time and insights
Protect your sensitive data wherever it lives or travels
  • Comprehensive
  • Flexible
  • Integrated
  • Extensible
Safeguard your cross-cloud resources
  • Control risky app usage
  • Improve security configuration
  • Protect against threats
  • Integrated DevSecOps

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