axm about us

Axapta Masters’ journey began in 2013, with a purpose of providing relevant and specific solutions to our customers. Now, we are the fastest growing and leading Microsoft Partner in Macedonia, operating globally. Over the years, we have helped many clients to build their successful stories providing improvements on their business processes and technology, and we continually work on applying practical and proven solutions to attain the best possible results.

We are helping companies create intelligent systems tailored to enhance their business productivity and to drive growth and efficiency.

Our Approach

We Engage

we are defining the project experience in every stage of the project – before, during and post project by aligning a team and solution package that meets your requirements.

We Deliver

we deliver excellence respecting the principles of our project management methodology – we are supporting our client thought the every stage of the project life cycle.

We Care

we believe that every client of ours deserves tailored support, because it is crucial for clients to feel comfortable in using the solution.

We Make It Easy

we are all aware that working with a global company, brings difficulty to interact with a required person. This comes as our competitive value, since we only now about providing a direct contact and immediate calls that speed up and simplify the whole process.

technologies we support



we are focusing our strengths and knowledge to help our clients achieve their business goals

Retaining best talent

we are nurturing and retaining the best resources for our business, giving them challenging, growing and healthy work environment.

Trust and integrity

We believe in taking responsibility for our actions, working with honesty and adhering to our ethical and moral principles


we meet our clients’ expectations with a great satisfaction rate, as a result of the clear communication, our flexibility and time punctual company’s personality


we are fostering a trusting, open and inclusive environment and treating each stakeholder in a manner that reflects our values


we are not only focused on short projects, we are available for helping our clients to overcome their critical business decisions related with their system

Companies we provide solutions for

Our Team

Working with us means you’ll always have a friend to count on in bad and good times. We currently employ 70 professional staff, who are our greatest asset. Their skills, experience, and ideas are main drivers to success and for bringing positive results to our clients and stakeholders. Through the years, our masters have become experienced problem solvers and innovative thinkers, who will help you face challenges of perfecting the whole internal process.

Want to work with masters who know how to help you focus on your actual work?